Postcards celebrated 150 years!

On October 1st 2019, postcards celebrated their 150th anniversary, and everyone was invited to the party! There were dozens of events around the world celebrating the postcard and its history.

It was such a wonderful day that it gave rise to requests for a permament day to celebrate postcards.

So, October 1st 2020 will be the first World Postcard Day!

Check out to learn more about this global event and join the fun!

Join the World Postcard Day

150th anniversary cake

Surprise someone

Remember that spike of excitement the last time a postcard magically appeared on your mailbox?

"And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?"

W. H. Auden

Show postcards some love!

How much do you enjoy sending postcards or finding one waiting for you on your mailbox? What makes postcards special? What do they mean to you?

We invited the world to answer these questions and share what they treasure about the format — on a postcard, of course! The best postcards were showcased during an exhibition at the Universal Postal Union headquarters, in Bern, Switzerland.

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