Celebrating postcards

How much do you enjoy sending postcards or finding one waiting for you on your mailbox? What makes postcards special?

We invited the world to show us what postcards meant to them — on a postcard, naturally — and received hundreds of them over the summer of 2019! The three most creative postcards and the three with the best messages received until the end of October 2019 were awarded with a set of 100 postcards. 🎉

A selection of some of the best postcards was also showcased during October in an exhibition at the Universal Postal Union headquarters in Bern, Switzerland.

You can see some photos of the exhibition below and more can be found on Postcrossing's blog.

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Most creative postcards

Choosing just a few postcards to award in the most creative category was a very hard job indeed... so many great postcards landed on our mailbox! Here are our 3 choices for most creative postcards, in no particular order.

The first postcard comes from Cherlita, who is a design student in Indonesia.

The illustration is simply gorgeous, and we love the stamp and postmark details that work together to resemble a maxicard. The actual stamps used to mail the postcard are on the reverse side, and they're personalized stamps using the same image as the front of the card — neat!

Cherlita has a charming handwriting, and she writes about how postcards can take us in a "small, physical form" to our loved ones, strengthening our bonds with them.

Antonia in the United Kingdom hand-painted and crafted this card showing an old British postbox with postcards inside. Photos don't do justice to this card though, because you can't tell that the mailbox is covered in transparent film, allowing you to peek at the postcards floating inside. One of them is even a mini-replica of the postcard itself!

The message on the backside is equally nice. Antonia writes that she learnt how to read and write late in her childhood, and that the prospect of writing used to fill her with dread, but that this changed through writing letters and postcards, and that she has finally found her voice. What a wonderful message, in a truly exquisite postcard.

And last but not least, Franziska from Germany crafted the most unusual postcard.

One side of the postcard looks like a normal postcard, with a beautiful message about how much her young sons Tim Mikesch and Tom Lukas enjoy sending and receiving postcards. When you turn the postcard around though... magic!

The reverse of the card resembles a German postbox, and what could be hiding inside? Postcards, of course! Lots of mini-postcards of the children's favorites cards, as well as happy moments the family has shared featuring postcards. How sweet is that?! Each card is lovingly written and stamped, and a mini-treasure on its own.

Postcards with the best messages

Picking just three messages to award was torture. All these heartfelt words tugged at our heartstrings and it seemed impossible to put a postcard down, or somehow judge some as “better” than the others… how to choose?!

In the end, the three postcard messages we’ve picked are all different, but special in their own way. So here they are, in no particular order.

Annie from Wisconsin USA sent a card with a very simple message, which neatly sums up our feelings about postcards:

"A postcard is a hug sent through the mail."

Isn't it just? Her gorgeous quilted postcard embedded pieces of fabric and stamps, and is a masterpiece on itself.

Juice in the US, sent in a postcard featuring her own handmade design of a tree in Autumn. She wrote:

“As someone with loosely-settled roots in many places, sending postcards gives me a chance to spend precious moments with friends, family and acquaintances across the world. I cherish the opportunity each card gives me to pass a little time with another person, across geographic and temporal boundaries, and I find the transformations each card undergoes in the mail, along with the new light each card is illuminated by in the hands and eyes of its recipient, almost inexplicabl magical. In today’s world, it is perhaps more important than ever to attend to how and what we communicate. Postcards provide refreshing ways to share feelings, ideas, and time not only with words but also with images, physical objects, and embedded love.”

Well said! We also often think of postcards as time that we spend with someone far away, and imagine our words being held in that person’s hands, bearing the marks of a long journey across the world.

And last but not least, Claus from Germany sent a postcard showing an illustration of a mail carrier in Hamburg, with beautiful stamps. On it, he wrote a short but delightful poem about postcards:


A picture
A thought or two
A stamp
A touch of paper
The beauty of it all.

Out in the open
Close to the heart.

Memories in the making
Memories to keep.

Please, Mr. Postman, come again soon!"


Here is a selection of the nice postcards we've received in this campaign!